8051 Microcontroller Projects With Source Code Free Download

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8051 Microcontroller Projects With Source Code Free Download

The Lake Robotics Embedded Software Platform is a toolkit/framework for developing embedded software for different microcontroller (at the moment only ARM and Cortex-M3 are supported). The platform provides libraries including other open source projects for Realtime OS (ChibiOS, FreeRTOS), tcp/ip networking, C-Runtime and C-Standard-Libs. Looking for free open source software for IDE, debugger, stimulator or other software to develop your microcontrollers and microprocessors? Search no more as we bring to you 15 Free and Open Source alternatives for your help. And also find out which is best for you: microcontroller vs microprocessor.

8051 Microcontroller Projects With Source Code Free Download For Windows 7

This repository includes libraries and source code for the 8051 microcontroller. All the codes are made by the UNM's students.

Are the lastest versions of all the codes.

You can find all the projects and libraries on his own repositories with his commits, branchs and comments. Those repositories are called 'libraryname-unm' or 'projectname-unm'.

For example: 8051_UNM/Libraries/ondaCudrada/ has a repository called 'ondaCuadrada-UNM'

We hope you find it useful and can collaborate!

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Good luck and have fun ;D!

Este repositorio incluye librerias y códigos fuente para el microcontrolador 8051. Todos los códigos están hechos por estudiantes de la UNM.

Aquí están las últimas versiones de todos los códigos.

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Podés encontrar todos los proyectos y librerias dentro de sus propios repositorios con sus commits, branchs y comentarios. Esos repositorios son llamados 'nombredelibreria-UNM' o 'nombredeproyecto-UNM'.

Por ejemplo: '8051_UNM/Libraries/ondaCuadrada' tiene su repositorio llamado 'ondaCuadrada-UNM'

Esperamos lo encuentres útil y puedas colaborar.

Buena suerte y que te diviertas ;D!.