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Feb 13, 2012  Code Geass I don`t know why I hate ed1 of Code Geass. But, the one of my friend like it. He says, like “melody in the hell”. What ever he.

The first time I heard this song is when Lelouch and Shirley go shopping together to buy a gift for their friend. Actually, the dating is arranged by their friends to trigger the relationship between Lelouch and Shirley. But actually, Lelouch is just too focused on his obsession of being a Hero for the world that he never realized Shirley's pure love until Shirley passed away. IMO, Shirley's love is similar to a mother's love for her son. Shirley accepts Lelouch however he is, both the good side and the bad side of Lelouch. Only if she's not dead, she can be the only truthful one whom Lulu can go back to every time he feels not okay. It's so frustrating to know that Shirley must die. Especially when she said, 'Is it okay, Lulu, isn't it? No matter how many times when I'll be reborn, I will fall in love with you again and again..' Masquerade Vocals: Hitomi Lyrics: Kuroishi Hitomi Composition: Kuroishi Hitomi While my heart is still locked With a cold attitude, I don a mask on my body Who knows My true face? Besides you Without ever giving a thought about exposing My own weaknesses and strengths I hid my tears From people who can show their true faces I can’t lose you, who I kept searching for You’re My Destiny I want to try and believe I still don’t understand the meaning of eternity But You’re My Destiny If I compose tomorrow’s dream Then it’ll become my destiny Say you’ll share with me one love In order to seize it in my hands I calmly hurt others and lived to this point But loneliness Was the only thing left in the hands of who I am I won’t desire anything if you’re by my side You’re My Destiny Open your heart I want to confess my unyielding thoughts You’re My Destiny The bond that I feel Is the destiny of our meeting Say you’ll share with me one love You’re My Destiny I want to try and believe… You’re My Destiny In tomorrow’s dream… You’re My Destiny Open your heart I want to confess my unyielding thoughts You’re My Destiny The bond that I feel Is the destiny of our meeting Say you’ll share with me one love


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Latruly muy buena

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You 're my destiny

Comment by Fresh2000

Code Geass Songs Free Download

best part

Code Geass Songs Free Download Mp3

Comment by Child

SHIRLEYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ihatelife Iovelife Killme wait don't ughhhhh

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i cri

Comment by Anna Soma

@aspyn-173329430 Same!!!

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slava Ukraine!

Comment by Amy Sam


Love you lelouch

Comment by Smoking Weedlastnight

One of the best animes out there

Comment by Spekaqilah

@thedemonpirate: yeahhh the anime was soo good that I watched for more than 3 times and I still cry

Comment by Stray Dog

Where else can i find this song

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i cant find this songs on youtube

Comment by edller

who loves c.c. x lelouch

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Due to victor entertainment inc anybody can't upload this music to youtube!

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I didn't find this song, this song found me.

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when YouTube don't have the right song. song hit me right there in my heart love code geass

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💕🎶 amo essa garota e sofro junto com ela

Code Geass Songs Free Download Audio Song

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for 3 years the best song

Comment by Hatem Guizani

me too

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i dowloaded this app only because this song is not in youtube😊

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youtube doesn't have this song 😭 I want to download it huhu

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My destiny~~

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@thedemonpirate: some certain person will call you a sexist

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My love for code geass increases at an exponential rate the more i think about it.

Comment by Byakuya

que hermosa canción así mismo como el momento más triste de Code Geass donde Lelouch le borra la mente a Shirley TwT

Comment by User 625365836

Code Geass Songs Colors


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Code Geass Soundtrack

Dammit I'm Not Crying this is how i sweat 😭😭