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Is your phone locked to T-Mobile? There is an easy solution: you can use unlock codes or subsidy passwords from GSMLiberty. It takes only a few minutes to get the network restriction removed and start using your Smart phone with a carrier you prefer! You can use other International carriers with no extra charges while traveling. Enter the 15 digit IMEI number of your phone and the phone model if asked on our products page without any spaces or dashes. Submit your order with your payment. We will generate the specific T-Mobile unlock codes for your phone and deliver them via email within the time frame promised. Just follow the instructions provided and enjoy your phone freed from T-Mobile.

Jan 05, 2020 Free unlocking for all Samsung models on AT&T network. Unlocks all models, even the latest ones if SIM is listed as clean. For other networks, the Samsung service will unlock your mobile device at very low price. Receive code via in-app notification. You will get notified in your app as soon as you code is available. Easy to use and very functional app and free to use. Samsung Phone Models. Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J7 is very costly these days, some providers asking up to $100 for an Samsung Galaxy J7 unlock code. That’s one of the reasons we created unlocky, an awesome unlocker tool which allows you to get free unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy J7 or other brands such Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC and more (on this moment we can handle. Here you can use the best method how to unlock Samsung galaxy s7 for free by unlock Samsung galaxy s7 code generator available for downloading on this page bellow. Here you have all the information and instructions on how to complete the unlocking Samsung galaxy s7. Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online is an online service that generates codes for unlocking Samsung phones. FreeUnlocks offers free unlock codes through TrialPay. UnlockSamsungOnline has highly detailed instructions explaining how to unlock your Samsung phone using a program called SRS.

Unlock samsung phone for free. Mar 25, 2014  Now your Samsung Galaxy S4 should be SIM unlocked. We can't guarantee this method is going to work, but if it doesn't then you can try the alternative method, which requires you to buy an unlock code. Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 phone free in 3 easy steps! FreeUnlocks, a leading provider of Samsung Unlock Codes can locate your Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlock Code fast. Best of all, it's free! Feb 21, 2015  Unlock Galaxy S4 TMobile for Free – Method 1. If you are a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 user, use the following steps to unlock your device. This is helpful if your device does not qualify the T-Mobile unlock policy. Here are the steps: Goto phone dailer,. Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 is very costly these days, some providers asking up to $100 for an Samsung Galaxy S4 unlock code. That’s one of the reasons we created unlocky, an awesome unlocker tool which allows you to get free unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy S4 or other brands such Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Apple, LG and more (on this moment we can.

Dec 08, 2013  Samsung phones - absolutely free general unlocking codes PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE MAY NOT NECESSARILY WORK WITH ALL MODEL SAMSUNG PHONES. This device need unlock code, any help to unlock code for 'Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini' would be appreciated., 09:05 PM #13. View Profile View Forum Posts.

What does a phone locked to T-Mobile mean?

Your service provider, T-Mobile, has enabled a SIM lock or network restriction on your Samsung, LG, Motorola or Blackberry phone so that you are unable to use your phone with any other GSM network. The manufacturer has locked the cell phone to T-Mobile.

What are these T-Mobile unlock codes or subsidy passwords?

The T-Mobile unlock codes or T-Mobile subsidy passwords are specific codes for each phone model. The T-Mobile unlock code service from GSMLiberty allows you to unlock your phone by dialing in a T-Mobile Network PIN, T-Mobile Network Code, T-Mobile subsidy Code or T-Mobile subsidy password depending on the model of your phone. These unlock codes or subsidy passwords are a unique sequence of numbers composed of 8 or 16 digits that are specific to your phone. These codes are generated based on your phone’s unique 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

If I unlock my phone using unlock codes, can I use it with another service provider?

If you use unlock codes from a reputable and registered unlocking service provider, your phone will be permanently unlocked without affecting any of the phone’s software. You can then start using your phone with any other compatible GSM network you prefer. It is that easy.

Where can I order unlock codes or subsidy passwords that will unlock my phone locked to T-Mobile?

You can order your subsidy unlock codes or subsidy passwords from GSMLiberty. We are a registered company and have been providing unlocking services for various phone models for some years now. We provide a worldwide T-Mobile phone unlocking service which means that no matter whether your phone is locked to T-Mobile US or T-Mobile Hungary, you can easily get it unlocked by using our codes. You can then choose whichever phone carrier you prefer. We serve all geographical locations! Place your order with us and we will deliver the specific unlock codes or the subsidy passwords for your phone via email.

How do I find the valid IMEI number in my phone?

Here are two methods to find the IMEI number of your phone:

  1. Remove the battery and look for the 15 digit IMEI number present on the label which is located underneath the battery.
  2. Dial *#06#* while the phone is powered on. The 15 digit IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

How do I know that my phone is locked to T mobile?

You will know that your phone is locked to T-Mobile if you see any of the following messages displayed:

  1. Check for the mobile carrier’s logo on the handset or start-up screen.
  2. Check whether the logo of the phone carrier is present on the phone.
  3. Check whether the logo of the phone carrier appears on the screen every time the phone is switched on.

There is one final way to check, too. Just get a SIM card from a different network and place it in your phone. If the phone is unlocked, it will turn on normally with all the features getting loaded properly. The name of the phone carrier will be displayed on the screen. If you find your phone to be locked, some error messages will be displayed prompting you to enter a SIM Network Unlock Pin or a Subsidy Password.

What is the procedure for entering the unlock codes or the subsidy passwords to unlock my T-Mobile phone?

In most cases, the procedure is as simple as inserting a non-allowed SIM card, often termed as foreign SIM card, and dialing the unlock code or subsidy passwords when prompted. Procedures may differ based on the phone you are using. For instance, Blackberry, Motorola and Samsung phones might be unlocked following a different unlocking procedure. You will receive instructions on how to enter the unlock codes or the subsidy passwords on your specific phone model from GSMLiberty.

Which T-Mobile phone models can be unlocked through GSMLiberty?

Virtually, all T-Mobile models can be unlocked using our codes or subsidy passwords. The following are some of the popular models:

  • Unlock T-mobile iPhones:YES ! T-mobile iPhone 5 , 4 and 4s are supported for permanent unlocking ! That means no jailbreaking, no software upgrade or downgrade , in short, no mess at all ! Just a set it and forget it solution ! We simply register your iPhone’s IMEI as unlocked with Apple’s server , all you need to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes (Mac or PC) to complete the process and your iPhone is unlocked forever and can be used with any service provider worldwide . Best of all you can upgrade to any future iOS release without having to worry about your iPhone relocking! Finally .
  • Unlock T-mobile Samsung Phones:The Samsung series of phones including Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Samsung T499, Samsung T939 Behold 2 and Samsung E1150 locked to T-Mobile are supported for unlocking using codes provided by GSMLiberty. Once you get the unlock codes for your phone, you can insert a SIM card from a network different from the one your phone is locked to or simply dial the codes. Using a non-accepted SIM card is the preferable way.
    1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung E1150 with a non-accepted SIM card.
    2. Once the phone is turned on, it prompts for ‘SIM network unlock PIN’ or the unlock code or the subsidy password.
    3. Click ‘unlock’ and enter the unlock code/subsidy password that you received from GSMLiberty. After this is completed, press ‘unlock’ again.
    4. The phone will be unlocked and ready to be used with your chosen GSM carrier.
    5. You can send a message or make a call to confirm that your phone is unlocked.

    If the phone does not prompt for an unlock code then do the following. Remember that the NCK Network code refers to the unlock code or the subsidy password sent by GSMLiberty.

    1. Turn ON the phone with the original SIM card or without any SIM card
    2. Enter #7465625*638*NCK/Network#

    Or you can also try the following:

    1. Turn on the phone with a foreign SIM card and enter the following sequence
    2. #0199*Unfreeze/Defreeze#
    3. #0111*NCK/Network#
    4. #0121*SCK/Subprovider#
    5. #0133*SPCK/Provider#
    6. Your phone will be unlocked

    Watch how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505) locked to T-Mobile Hungary with GSMLiberty:

    Watch how to unlock your Samsung E1150 with GSMLiberty:

    Watch how to unlock your Samsung T499 with GSMLiberty:

    Watch how to unlock your Samsung T939 Behold 2 with GSMLiberty:

  • Unlocking T-mobile Blackberry phones :All T-mobile Blackberry phones are supported for unlocking including the 10 series (Q10, Z10 ,etc.) and 9700 Bold locked.Insert a non- accepted SIM card or a foreign SIM card, that is, a SIM card from a carrier other than the one the phone is locked to. Your Blackberry 9700 Bold will prompt you to enter the unlock code. Just enter the code that GSMLiberty sent to you and press ‘unlock’ on the phone screen. After a few minutes you will see that your Blackberry 9700 Bold is unlocked and ready to be used with your chosen phone carrier.
  • T-mobile Subsidy passwords for Motorola Phones:All T-mobile Motorola phones, are supported for unlocking via Subsidy passwords we provide. Simply dial in the code and your T-mobile Motorola is unlocked forever ! Watch how a client unlocked a Tmobile Motorola Blur MB502 using our service :
  • Unlock T-mobile HTC Phones:All T-mobile HTC phones can be unlocked using unlock codes we provide. The unlock is permanent and does not involve any software or rooting. Below is a video of a client that unlocked the HTC wildfire with our service
  • T-Mobile LG Unlock Codes:Watch how to unlock your LG Optimus T

… and many many more manufacturers are supported ! Simply select your T mobile model from the drop box on our website when you place your order and we will give you an accurate price and a delivery time frame. The unlock codes passwords are delivered to you within the delivery time frame.

What are the best reasons for using unlock codes from GSMLiberty to unlock phones locked to T-Mobile?

Here are some of the benefits of using unlock codes from GSMLiberty:

  1. There is no need to use any complicated software or cables. The unlock code or the network PIN can be entered using your phone’s keypad.
  2. There is no risk of damaging your phone’s software when you use unlock codes to remove the lock.
  3. Since no technical experience or knowledge is necessary to enter the unlock codes or the subsidy passwords, you can easily do it yourself.
  4. The phone is permanently unlocked and will remain unlocked when you update the software or change the SIM card.

Will GSMLiberty provide me with a refund if the unlock codes or the subsidy passwords fail to remove the phone lock?

Yes, according to GSMLiberty’s service money back guarantee, if the unlock codes do not remove the network restriction, you get a full refund. If you do not get the unlock codes/subsidy password within the timeframe we promised, GSMLiberty will refund your payment in full. We still send you the unlock codes.

  • 1. Unlock Samsung Screen
  • 2. Samsung FRP Unlock
  • 3. Factory Reset Samsung

The unlock codes are needed for many reasons; it can unlock your network service and even fix a few problems on your device. There was a time when they were known as the Secret Codes, as the users had to go through a lot of trouble just to get a single code but now they are leaked on the Internet and companies are developing very effective code generators. There are a few Samsung unlock code generator available on the internet, a few of them are discussed below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Code Generator

The first Code Generator we are going to discuss is Samsung Galaxy Code generator. This is a Samsung unlock code generator free online. If you own a Samsung device, then this is the best code generator for you. This Code generator will generate free codes for you to unlock your network effectively. All the codes may not be free, but you will be able to fix a lot of issues with this.



  • It is a very user-friendly tool that can fix the problem with your device in a few steps.
  • You can download and use codes for free.
  • The user interface is really simple.


Samsung T-mobile Unlock Code

  • This particular tool will only work for Samsung devices.

2. WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is also a very fine tool. It will generate codes automatically after you enter your device info and when entered it unlocks your device. You can get this Samsung unlock code generator online for free and it also offers some excellent features and functions as well.


  • This program will unlock your Android device for free of cost.
  • You will get updates regularly.
  • You will be able to unlock mobiles of various brands like Samsung, LG, and Motorola etc.


  • The main problem with the tool is that you can only use it on Windows Operating Systems.

3. UnlockItFree

Another exceptional free Samsung unlock code generator is UnlockItFree. A lot of people around the world are using this website; the tool has already unlocked more than 90,000 phones. This code generator is very effective and easy to use as well.


  • You can anonymously unlock your device.
  • The code provided by the tool is free.
  • You will get the unlock code just by sharing it with others.


  • The number of attempts you can make to unlock your device is very limited.

4. UnlockBase

This is also a free code generator that can unlock any device with its online application, does not matter which service provider you are using. UnlockBase is a free Samsung unlock code generator by IMEI number online which can unlock your mobile very easily and you won’t even have to download any additional apps.


  • It has constant customer support.
  • The simple instructions help the users to understand the procedure very easily.
  • It can unlock various types of mobiles.


  • Unfortunately, you have to pay to use the services of this tool for the second time.

5. Free Unlocks

T-mobile Unlock Code Generator

It is a very effective Samsung unlock code generator free but to get the free option you have to choose a promotional “Partner Offers”. It may seem very annoying to you, especially if you don’t want to sign up for an account but you will be getting free unlock codes for doing that.


  • An exceptional unlock code generator.
  • Loved by its users.
  • Unlocks phones for free.


T-mobile Unlock Code Free

  • You have to do a lot of promotional stuff to get the free unlock offer.


All of them are exceptionally good unlock code generators for Samsung. They provide good service and most of them are for free. So, it is practically up to you to decide, which one you are going to use to unlock your new Samsung mobile.

Free Tmobile Unlock Code For Samsung Phone

In case, you are locked out of your Android mobile, then you can use the services of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to bypass the lock screen to get access to the device. It is a potent Android unlocker tool that can bypass Fingerprint, PIN, and Patterns etc with ease. Highly recommended software!