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I’ve got a CNC 3018 and I’m having issues running code off the SD card. The files they provide run fine, but when I copy and paste the code into notepad and save again, the offline controller just quits immediately when I try to run the nc file. I’ve tried your example code, their example code, my code whatever and nothing seems to work. Oct 21, 2013  Michael, Here is a link to a thread providing some free g-coded files for cutting out snow flakes from old CD'd, I thought it was pretty neat. Should have looked closer but believe the link to the free g-code was in the first post from the guy who started the thread and provided the code.

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G Code Download Free

G Code Editor Free Download

NameFree (yes/no):Website:Notes:
DXF2GCODEYeshttps://sourceforge.net/projects/dxf2gcode/Simple program to convert DXF shapes to G-Code paths. Runs on your PC.
MakerCAMYeswww.makercam.comNo longer a good place to start. Somewhat infuriating. Uses Flash so support in all browsers is rapidly drying up (or already gone) and Adobe will formally withdraw Flash in 2020.
JScutYeswww.jscut.orgSlightly more advanced than MakerCAM
Heeks CADNohttps://sites.google.com/site/heekscad/Slightly more advanced than JScut, offline
Fusion 360YesCompatible with Windows and Mac. Proprietary licence, but free for educational or hobbyist use. Requires internet connection, Cloud based, but allows file export.
PyCAMYeshttp://pycam.sourceforge.netWas cross platform, but now Linux only. Reasonably powerful but simple. Works well with .svg files from Inkscape.
EaselYeshttp://easel.inventables.com/Cross platform web based CAM from SVG imports. Large community of users for help
VCarve / AspireNohttp://www.vectric.com/products/compare.htmlSuccess using 'Intelicam GCode' as the post processor. More experimenting needed testing GRBL options
LaserWebYeshttps://laserweb.github.io/LaserWeb4/dist/Online or offline, Windows, Linux, Mac. Opens .DXF and .SVG files
FreeCADYeshttps://www.freecadweb.org/Offline CAD/CAM, Windows, Linux, Mac. Under Development, so expect bugs. Forum friendly and helpful
BlenderCAMYeshttp://blendercam.blogspot.cz/Cross-platform, powerful, but development seems dormant.
KaryaCNCYeshttps://github.com/ryannining/karyacncCross-platform, Tight integrated with inkscape, color code path operation (Cut, Pocket, Engraving, Vcarving) support CNC router, Laser

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