How To Unlock Nokia C1 Security Code Free

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Use your Nokia phone on any network. Remove the network lock fast and easy. The almost countries and providers supported. Only enter the Nokia free unlock code that we provide or the free software calculate, that you can download to do it.

How to order an unlock code for Nokia C1-01: 1. Go to and choose Your Nokia model or go directly to unlock by code Nokia C1-01 2. Press 'Unlock Nokia C1-01' 3. Choose unlock product for Your Nokia ( in some cases only one product is available ) 4. Enter your Nokia IMEI number and if needed other required information. We supply Nokia unlock codes for 636 Nokia cell phone models. Since launching this phone unlocking service, over 707,196 customers have already received Nokia unlock codes. It doesn’t matter if it's an old Nokia, or one of the latest releases, with UnlockBase you.

  • How to unlock Nokia C1. The unlocking instruction for Nokia C1 is not very complicated, but you need to remember that you have only 3 tries to enter the codes. If you enter the codes incorrectly more than 3 times, the code counter might get blocked. Follow these 5 steps to make your Nokia C1 network free 1. Turn on the phone without any sim card 2. Enter the following sequence (#pw+unlock.
  • Here we would like to share a very useful tool that is used for resetting or unlocking forgotten security codes of all Nokia mobiles. Some times you are unable to unlock your security code after changing or enabling. So this brilliant software will help you to unlock or reset your mobile's security code easily.
  • We Can Unlock Your Nokia C1 01 Cell Phone for FREE, regardless of what network it is currently locked to! Our Nokia unlocks by remote code (no software required) are not only FREE, but they are easy and safe. Once it is unlocked, you may use any SIM card in your phone from any network worldwide!

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      You can reset online the Nokia Security Code for free with a generator of codes.


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Which is the unlock code for Nokia

If you own a mobile phone that is restricted or locked to one mobile phone network or carrier, you can now get it unlocked without the phone ever leaving your hand. This service works on nearly all Nokia handsets. We can also remove the network restriction.

If you do not know the name of your original provider or cannot find it on the list, check the check box next to I don't know the name of the original network provider / Can't find it. IMEI, name and email. Click the Next button.You will then be able to see how much would the cost be.Complete all the information fields needed i.e. Click the Next button to proceed to the next step.From the drop-down menu, select your Country and Network. Sony xperia m sim unlock code free download.

How To Unlock Nokia C1 Security Code Free

With our calculator software unlocking service you calculate a simply unlock code that will remove all of the network restrictions in place. All you have to do is enter our unique code or codes into the handset to unlock your mobile phone and make it available to all networks, forever. It's a free service. That is a saving of over £20 on what the networks charge, plus you do not need to pay your contract up front!.

Why is my Nokia phone restricted?


Most mobile phone companies will lock their phones to their network. It is their way of stopping you using it on any network. Basically, they want to keep your business. If you are unable to insert a different carriers service they think you will stick with them!

What is your Nokia phone unlocking service?

We can supply you with a unique code which will free your phone, enabling you to use it on any network of your choice.

Benefits of Nokia unlocking!

  1. Unlocking your handset will enable you to use your mobile phone on multiple networks.
  2. Unlocking your handset will increase the resale value of your phone compared to locked handsets.
  3. Unlocking your handset will enable you to use your phone anywhere in the world with any overseas network.
  4. Unlocking your hanset will provide you with the ability to change networks at any time without having to change your handset.
  5. Unlocking your handset will allow your mobile phone to accept any foreign sim card which will help you save you money on roaming charges when travelling abroad.
  6. Unlocking an old handset when you receive an upgrade or switch networks will make it availabile for use as a spare or for your friends, collegues and family members to use.
  7. Businesses that unlock their handsets can provide an emergency handset to overseas visitors or clients that are unable to use their own handset when travelling abroad.

Will unlocking my Nokia handset enable me to switch from Vodafone to T Mobile pay as you go?

Yes, unlocking your handset will enable you to insert absolutely any SIM card into the handset.

Will the Nokia mobile phone remain unlocked?

Yes, once your handset has been unlocked it will remain unlocked to any network for ever.

Here you can find all secret codes for NOKIA C1-01. Check out how to enter hidden mode and use advanced options of Vendor. Let's get access to secret information about NOKIA C1-01. Click here and find out more information about secret codes.

On the main screen type:
*#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
*#7780# reset to factory settings.
*#67705646# This will clear the LCD display (operator logo).
*#0000# To view software version.
*#2820# Bluetooth device address.
*#746025625# Sim clock allowed status.
*#62209526# – Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available

How To Unlock Nokia C1 Security Code Free Trial

only in the newer devices that support WLAN
#pw+1234567890+1# Shows if sim have restrictions.

*#92702689# – takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information below:
1. Displays Serial Number.
2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture
3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY)
4. Displays the date of the last repair – if found (0000)
5. Shows life timer of phone (time passes since last start)

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*#3370# – Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though.
*#3370* – (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 30% because phone receives less signal from network.
*#4720# – Half Rate Codec activation.
*#4720* – Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart

If you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code reset: *#7370925538#
Note, your data in the wallet will be erased. Phone will ask you the lock code. Default lock code is: 12345

Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet.

Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up-arrow keys) for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Press C, then press * message should flash, press * again and 04*pin*pin*pin#

*#7328748263373738# resets security code.
Default security code is 12345

*#1471# Last call (Only Vodafone)

*#21# Allows you to check the number that “All Calls” are diverted to

*#30# Lets you see the private number

*#43# Allows you to check the “Call Waiting” status of your phone.

*#62# Allows you to check the number that “Divert If Unreachable (no service)” calls are diverted to

Nokia C1 In Pakistan

*#67# Allows you to check the number that “On Busy Calls” are diverted to

*#67705646# Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330

*#73# Reset phone timers and game scores

*#746025625# Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature “SIM Clock Stop Allowed”, it means you will get the best standby time possible

*#7780# Restore factory settings

*#8110# Software version for the nokia 8110


Displays – 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made,
3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data

12345 This is the default security code

press and hold #
Lets you switch between lines

Help! This doesn't work

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