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With chapter Ⅵ “Carriage of cargoes” of SOLAS 1974 and “International Grain Code. The initial metacentric height after correction for the free surface.

In response to the growing need for broader regulation of the carriage of all cargoes which may pose a hazard for ships or personnel, the Maritime Safety Committee decided to replace the original chapter Vl of the 1974 SOLA Convention, which contained detailed regulations on the carriage of grain in bulk, with requirements of a more general nature and to place the detailed provisions on grain in a mandatory code.

International grain code free download for pc

At its fifty-ninth session, the Committee adopted by resolution MSC.22(59) amendments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention including a chapter Vl so revised. These amendments are contained in publication IMO-168E.

Part C of the revised chapter Vl deals with the carriage of grain, and is supplemented by the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk, adopted at the same session by the Committee by resolution MSC.23(59) and set out therein. The Code is to take effect on 1 January 1994, the date of entry into force of the amendments to chapter Vl. For ease of reference, Part C of the revised chapter Vl is reproduced in the appendix to this publication.

International Grain Code Pdf


International Grain Code Free Download Pdf

In adopting resolution MCS.23(59), the Committee recognized that the provisions of the IMP Grain Rules (resolution A.264(Vlll)) should remain in effect for ships of those States Parties to the 1960 SOLAS Convention but not to the 1974 SOLAS Convention.

International Grain Code Pdf

The footnotes to the text of the Code are given for reference only and do not form part of the Code.

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