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Welcome to LG Infineon SGOLD3 TOOL v2x by NoName®
Models count: 85
Current OS : Windows XP
Welcome to Sgold3 Module!!
Count supported models - 85
TIP: Please reconnect phone battery / power source.
Loading module , please wait..
PMB8878 Module 1.0a started. SW: Ver
Connecting to GB250 in UART Mode (COM3 ,921600)
Please reconnect battery, press and hold power button..
Phone found! (MCU:PMB8868) prebooting..
Release power button. Booting..
Changing Speed..
Reading info..
BOOT Stage Finished , sending authority..
Sending SEC pack..
Reading ..
Backup Saved AS:C:Program FilesZ3XLGLGI_SG3BACKUPGB250_autobackup_09022 011_151522.eep
Analising EEPROM..
Phone IMEI:353620031159807
Unlock codes:
NCK[0]: 3856336970679790 (LOCKED)
TIP: For additional codes , select Read Codes option and click Unlock button
Finished in 4 seconds
Sending SEC pack..
Reading EEPROM..
Backup Saved AS:C:Program FilesZ3XLGLGI_SG3BACKUPGB250_autobackup_09022 011_151532.eep
Analising EEPROM..
Phone IMEI:353620031159807
SimLock Data Cleared!
Writing EEPROM..
Sending SEC pack..
Unlock done!
Finished in 7 seconds
NB: direct unlock don't work
just enter unlock code
it's work 10000%
thanx in advance
Lg gb250 unlock code free shippingYou can unlock your LG mobile phone with free LG unlock codes today at freeunlocks.com. Freeunlocks.com is an online site that automatically generates unlocks codes for all mobile phones once you provide the IMEI code and the mobile service provider to which the mobile phone is locked. The MEI code is the unique code attached to all mobile phones to identify them internationally. You can find your LG mobile phones’ IMEI code below its battery or by simply dialing *#06#.

Jan 25, 2014  When you visit Freeunlocks.com with the IMEI code of your LG mobile phone you will be required to complete a free Trialpay offer before a free LG unlocking codes are generated for the mobile phone. The free unlocking codes comes with instructions on how to go through the whole process of unlocking the mobile phones. Your mobile phone will be unlocked permanently if you follow the. Aug 27, 2010  I have problems, i unlock a movil LG GB250 with Z3X but when i introducing the code NCK the movil reset and the screen goes red help me please thanks. Download itunes code generator free no surveys. Network unlock code Network is locked Service provider unlock code SIM network unlock pin Enter SIM Unlock Code (Simlock) If so, your LG GB250 is LOCKED and we can assist you to unlock your LG GB250 in a few easy steps. After that you are allowed to use your phone on any GSM Network anywhere in the world.

With the IMEI code visit freeunlocks.com to complete a free or paid offer with Trialpay. There are several offers that are available for you from various merchants. It is upon you to choose the product that you will take or free from trialpay. In this case you will get free mobile phone unlock codes for your LG mobile phones. Once you complete an offer an email with the unlock codes and instructions on how to complete the unlocking process will be sent to you.
With the unlock codes you can go through the process of unlocking your LG mobile phone alone at home. You do not need any technical guidance since the process is easy and straightforward. Anyone can thus go through the process without the help of a technician. Unlocking a mobile phone with remote unlock codes is advantageous than other methods f unlocking a mobile phone which require a lot from you. For instance you will not use software or cable to connect your mobile phone when unlocking it.
If your LG mobile phone is unlocked you will be free from contracts by mobile service providers. This means you have avenues of saving a lot of money. You can save by grabbing offers from competing mobile service provider as and when they occur. You can also save when traveling abroad since you will not have to pay for roaming charges. All this is possible courtesy of the fact that you can freely move from one mobile service provider to other without restrictions.

Lg Gb250 Unlock Code Free Download

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