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International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code

LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES (LSA) CODE: 01. Definitions and general requirements for life-saving appliances 02. Lifebuoys and Life-jackets 03. Immersion suits, Anti-exposure suits and Thermal protective aids 04. General requirements for lifeboats 05. General requirements for life-rafts 06. General requirements for rescue boats 07. Rocket parachute. View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of life saving appliances under HS Code 6307. Read online LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES (LSA) CODE book pdf free download link book now. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. This site is like a library, you could find million book here by using search box in the header. LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES (LSA) CODE: 01.

Resolution MSC.48(66)


Chapter I General

1.1 Definitions

1.2 General requirements for life-saving appliances

Chapter II Personal life-saving appliances

2.1 Lifebuoys

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2.3 Immersion suits

2.4 Anti-exposure suits

2.5 Thermal protective aids

Chapter III Visual signals

3.1 Rocket parachute flares

3.2 Hand flares

3.3 Buoyant smoke signals

Chapter IV Survival craft

Life Saving Appliances Code Free Download

4.1 General requirements for liferafts

4.2 Inflatable liferafts

4.3 Rigid liferafts

4.4 General requirements for lifeboats

4.5 Partially enclosed lifeboats

4.6 Totally enclosed lifeboats

4.7 Free-fall lifeboats

4.8 Lifeboats with a self-contained air support system

4.9 Fire-protected lifeboats

Life-Saving Appliances


Chapter V Rescue boats

5.1 Rescue boats

Chapter VI Launching and embarkation appliances

6.1 Launching and embarkation appliances

6.2 Marine evacuation systems.

Life Saving Appliances Code Free Download Free

Chapter VII Other life-saving appliances.

7.1 Line-throwing appliances

Life Saving Appliances Code Free Download

7.2 General alarm and public address system

Testing and Evaluation of Life-Saving Appliances

I Revised recommendation on testing of

life-saving appliances, as amended

Resolution MSC.81(70)


Part 1 Prototype tests for life-saving appliances

1 Lifebuoys

1.1 Lifebuoys specification

1.2 Temperature cycling test

1.3 Drop test

1.4 Test for oil resistance

1.5 Fire test

1.6 Flotation test.

1.7 Strength test

1.8 Test for operation with a light and smoke signal

1.9 Lifebuoy self-activating smoke signal tests

2 Lifejackets

2.1 Temperature cycling test.

Life Saving Appliances Code Free Download Full

2.2 Buoyancy test.

2.3 Fire test

2.4 Tests of components other than buoyancy materials

2.5 Strength tests

2.6 Tests for lifejacket buoyancy material

2.7 Donning test.

2.8 Water performance tests

2.9 Infant and children’s lifejacket tests

2.10 Tests for inflatable lifejackets



3 Immersion suits, anti-exposure suits and

thermal protective aids

3.1 Tests common to non-insulated and insulated immersion

suits and anti-exposure suits

3.2 Thermal protective tests

3.3 Thermal protective aids for survival craft

4 Pyrotechnics – rocket parachute flares, hand flares and

buoyant smoke signals

4.1 General

4.2 Temperature tests

4.3 Water and corrosion resistance test

4.4 Handling safety test

4.5 Safety inspection

4.6 Rocket parachute flares test

4.7 Hand flares test

4.8 Buoyant smoke signals test

5 Liferafts – rigid and inflatable

5.1 Drop test

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5.2 Jump test

5.3 Weight test

5.4 Towing test

5.5 Mooring out tests

5.6 Liferaft painter system test

5.7 Loading and seating test

5.8 Boarding and closing arrangement test

5.9 Stability test.

5.10 Manoeuvrability test

5.11 Swamp test

5.12 Canopy closure test

5.13 Buoyancy of float-free liferafts

5.14 Detailed inspection

5.15 Weak link test.

5.16 Davit-launched liferafts – strength test of lifting


5.17 Additional tests applicable to inflatable liferafts only

Life Saving Appliances

5.18 Additional tests applicable to automatically self-righting

liferafts only

Life-Saving Appliances


5.19 Submergence test for automatically self-righting and

canopied reversible liferafts

Life Saving Appliances Pdf

5.20 Wind velocity tests

5.21 Test for self-draining of floors of canopied reversible

liferafts and automatically self-righting liferafts

5.22 Liferaft light tests

6 Lifeboats