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Oct 25, 2010 HOW UNLOCK NOKIA 2720 Fold BY HARDWARE HANDY ENTSPERREN Unlocker 2720a-2. Bb5 unlock bb5 entsperren, sim lock code restart phone. NOKIA E50-2 NOKIA E50-3 NOKIA E61. Jul 19, 2014 Free Trial Driver Booster 6 PRO (60% OFF when you buy). Nokia code Nokia unlock Nokia protection Nokia Code Unlock Lock. NokiaFREE Unlock Codes Calculator was reviewed by Elena Opris. Sep 01, 2017  can anyone give me the unlock code to my old nokia at&t flip phone? I've contacted at&t, and they told me that they don't have unlock codes for 2g phones anymore, and that i should call microsoft. Microsoft told me to contact nokia. A nokia chat. Can anyone give me the unlock code to my old nokia at&t flip phone? I've contacted at&t, and they told me that they don't have unlock codes for 2g phones anymore, and that i should call microsoft. Microsoft told me to contact nokia. A nokia chat person told me to contact microsoft.go figure???

  1. Nokia 2720a 2 Unlock Code Free Metro Pcs
  2. Nokia 2720a 2 Unlock Code Free Instructions

Nokia Lumia Models

1. Insert your new non accepted SIM card.
2. The phone will now show the following message:
3. 'This sim card can only be used on specific networks. Contact your customer service center for the unlock code'
( It will also display how many attempts remain ).
3. Press the 'Enter Pin Button' and enter the unlock code we sent you to unlock your phone.

Nokia BB5 Code Input Instructions ( All New (ish) Nokia Phones are BB5, Unless Lumia)

Nokia 2720a 2 Unlock Code Free Metro Pcs

1. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card
2. Type the following into the phone # P W + CODE + 1 # ( CODE being the unlocking code )
To get letter P press * button quickly 3 times
To get letter W press * button quickly 4 times
To get letter + press * button quickly 2 times

3. The phone will show 'SIM Restriction Off' and will be unlocked.

Note: your unlock code is normally 15 digits long, sometimes you may get 2 codes for your nokia BB5 phone,
if this is the case the second code should be entered as # P W + CODE + 1 # just like the first code ( CODE being the unlocking code )
Some Orange UK Nokia codes may fail, if this is the case use +7# instead of +1# for the code to work

Nokia BB5 Models - with full keyboards (E5, E61 / E62 etc)

1. Insert a SIM Card not from the original network (IE one it's not locked to)
2. Turn on the handset - Undo request will display, press undo if prompted. (your phone may display 'sim not recognised' if this is the case just start entering your code as in step3)
3. Enter the unlocking code # p w + CODE + 1 # ( CODE being the unlocking code )
4. The phone will now unlock.

Nokia BB5 Code Error Problem Help

Nokia 2720a 2 Unlock Code Free Instructions

A lot of Nokia BB5 models require that you force the code to unlock it.
We are noticing this error problem more and more with newer Nokia BB5 phones, even if no attempts have been used on the phone.
Also, if your Nokia phone has had too many wrong attempts (3 + Attempts) using wrong unlock code from unreliable source, then your phone will display one of the following: 'Not Allowed' or 'Cannot undo restriction'. If you have this problem, then use the force code method below

Nokia 2720a 2 Unlock Code Free
How To Force Nokia BB5 Code

Please follow these steps?
1. Download this program SendCodeUsb.exe (Don't run it just yet.)
2. Download and Install the latest Nokia PC Suite (This installs the phone drivers)
3. Connect your phone to the PC and select PC Suite on your phone screen, then wait for all the drivers to install.
4. Run the 'SendCodeUsb.exe' program.
5. Click the 'Read Phone Info' button to check the connection, you will also see some info about your phone.
6. Tick the 'Check for FBus' option.
7. Enter the unlocking code supplied into the 'Unlock Code (15 digits)' box. NOTE: only enter the middle numbers part
EG if your code is #pw+418636523456123+1#, then just enter 418636523456123
8. Next, select the Lock 'Level (1-7)'. this should be set at 1.
9. Finally Click the 'Send Unlock Code' button to send the code to the phone and unlock it.
Here's a view of the program running and connected:
Example Video

Also Note: Some newer Nokia models like X3-02 and others cannot have their code forced by the software in the video above.
So you need to reset the key counter back to zero first using this alternative Nokia Key Counter Reset Software, then enter your code manually via the phones keypad in the normal way

Nokia DCT4 Models (Older phones)

1. Turn on your phone without a SIM Card in it
2. Enter the unlocking code # p w + YOUR_CODE_HERE + 1 #
3. The phone will now unlock.
Note: Use the codes ending with either +1#, +7# or even +5#.

Models : Nokia DCT3 (Oldest)

1. Turn on your phone without a SIM Card in it
2. Enter the unlocking code # p w + YOUR_CODE_HERE + 1 #
3. The phone will now unlock.
Note: Use the codes ending with either +1# or +2# only.

If the above method fails try inserting a locked SIM (IE one that the phone will not accept) and try the unlock code again.

Problems with code supplied?

Firstly Double check the code you ordered by comparing the IMEI submitted with the one on your phone (Type *#06#) if it is different. Also double check that you requested the correct network that the phone is currently locked to.

Nokia unlocking code examples

Examples for newer Nokia phones (BB5)
# P W + 272418983456123 + 1 #
# P W + 474942813456123 + 1 #
Examples for older Nokia phones (DCT)
# P W + 418636523456123 + 1 #
# P W + 447313183456123 + 2 #
# P W + 928488673456123 + 3 #
# P W + 107081713456123 + 4 #
# P W + 569525293345612 + 5 #
# P W + 724068043456123 + 6 #
# P W + 146860153456123 + 7 #

This guide will show you how to unlock Nokia 2.2 for free by IMEI with our unlock code generator tool within the next 5 minutes. Get your Nokia 2.2 unlocked instantly and have the freedom to use your device with any carrier you like.

With over 75,000 unlock codes generated last year only (thats about +200 daily), our unlocker tool is the best solution to get your cell phone unlocked at no cost, no matter which device model, brand or carrier is locked to.

Lets get into it!

When you change your mobile operator but you keep your smartphone, it is first impossible to set up your new SIM card if your phone is locked to your first carrier. The fact is that mobile operators offering time-commitment packages are blocking smartphones to ensure that customers remain their customers.

Unlocking Nokia 2.2 requires a slightly longer process than we imagined. From getting the unlock code and instructions on how to unlock your cell phone, there are a few steps needed to be followed for a successful unlock process. But theres nothing to be worried about, on this guide I will show you our best method to unlock Nokia 2.2 device for free.

Did I just say free? Yeah, and Im saying again just to be clear: you dont have to pay a dime to get your Nokia 2.2 unlocked in no matter time, even that an unlock code for this cell phone model may cost up to $50 USD and even more on some providers such unlockunit, doctorsim or unlockriver, but also depending by your network provider.

Just take a closer look at these prices I found for an Nokia 2.2 unlock code which is locked to AT&T, US, on some providers:

  • 1. $19.99 USD
  • 2. $25.50 USD
  • 3. $25.95 USD
  • 4. $34.50 USD

Not to mention that all of them have a delivery time up to 10 business days to send you the unlock code and instructions to unlock your Nokia 2.2 and they also may fail, so in this case, you can ask for a refund.

Now let me tell you how you can sim unlock Nokia 2.2 for free with our unlocker tool in just a few minutes. You dont need to download or install any harmful software which may damage your device, but everything will be done online from your PC or mobile device. Just watch the how-to video tutorial on our unlocker tool page to see how easy really is.

Unlock Nokia 2.2 Any Carrier or Country

When you buy an Nokia 2.2 cell phone from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, Orange or any other operator across the world, it may be locked on any of these networks so you cant use it with another carrier (in some cases until contract ends) and even if you ask them to unlock it, I bet their answer will be NO!

Thats why we created our cell unlocker tool so you can have the freedom to use any sim card of your choice just anytime youd like. Our tool helps you to get your Nokia 2.2 unlocked with any country or network provider. Let me list a few carriers:

1. AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint United States

2. O2, Three, EE, Virgin Mobile United Kingdom

3. Vodafone, E-Plus, T-Mobile, O2 Germany

4. Bouygues, Orange, SFR, Virgin Mobile France

5. Movistar, Orange, Vodafone Spain


But thats not all, our unlock code generator can handle all the carriers on any country in the world. I will explain below the entire process on how to unlock Nokia 2.2 and get a better value in case of a sale (we all know that an unlocked Nokia 2.2 gets you a better price).

Just a quick note: once you do a Nokia 2.2 sim unlock you should know it does not void your warranty, contract or effect the plan you currently have with your provider and is absolutely 100% legal. But also you can unlock your cell phone even there are unpaid bills.

Unlock Nokia 2.2 By IMEI (Best Method)

Our unlocker tool helps you generate an unlock code for Nokia 2.2 device based on your cell phones IMEI. Once the unlock code has been successfully generated, you will have some methods available to enter the 8 digits NCK code on your device. Check this article to see how to enter the Nokia 2.2 unlock code.

The best method to on how to unlock Nokia 2.2 is by unlock code, which can be generated based on your cell phones IMEI. There are several unlock methods to which you can choose, but there is no doubt that unlocking by code is by far the most popular. Also, the simplest since you do not need any technical knowledge, cables or special software to do it, not to mention that it only requires a couple of minutes to carry it out.

The other methods including hardware unlocking and software unlocking are just a waste of time and may damage your phone. Our recommendation is to avoid these methods. Stay on Nokia 2.2 IMEI unlock method, also called network unlocking.

Nokia 2.2 Unlock by Software or Hardware Unlocking

Software unlocking is the process when you need to install third-party software on your cell phone which will reconfigure its settings so you can use your device with any carrier. This method will leave a security loophole open and someone may access your cell phone. Even these methods remains a popular solution to free unlock Nokia 2.2, we highly recommend to avoid in using it.

On the other side, the hardware unlocking is even worst. You have to break open your smartphone and mess with the actual physical hardware. Even more, if you dont know how to do it by yourself, you need to pay someone for this task. The prices for this kind of task can go up to $300 and also may damage your phone.

As a conclusion, stay away from these two methods. One of the best and easiest method to get a Nokia 2.2 unlock code is by Network Unlocking or more popular IMEI unlocks. Check these benefits by unlocking Nokia 2.2 by IMEI:

it is a permanent unlock, no needs to relocking again

support blacklisted phones

can be unlocked even with unpaid bills

the official method that even your provider will use

How To Unlock Nokia 2.2 FREE in 3 Easy Steps

Clicking on the button below will get you to the unlocker tool page so you can start the unlocking process. However, there are 3 easy steps to follow, which can also be found on the video tutorial on how to unlock Nokia 2.2 free.

Step 1: Submit your IMEI number

On this step, you need to submit your cell phone IMEI number within our application. The best way in finding your unique IMEI is to dial to *#06# and the 15 digits number will show up on your screen device. Some other ways are available in this article. Once you entered the IMEI click on submit.

Part 2: Entering Samsung unlock codes on Different Models.Turn your phone on without SIM card.Enter #0111.CODE#.It would notify 'Network Lock Deactivated'.The device will reboot and be ready to use1. Enter SERVICE PROVIDER code for SP lock.Now your device is unlocked.If it not works, tap 'Dismiss' button and enter the code '.2767.3855#' on the keypad and try again. Keep in mind that all of your data will be formatted.Step 3.You may try this way with or without SIM card.Enter the code - #7465625.638.CODE# (CODE is actually Samsung network unlock code sent to you).If it shows 'Phone deactivated' it means phone is unlockedStep 4.Again, you may try this step with our without original SIM card.Enter the code - #0111.CODE# (CODE is your Samsung SIM unlock code). Galaxy note 4 network unlock code free. It will send you an unsuccessful message but you shouldn't worry about it.When you disable the phone freeze, the SP Lock screen or Network lock will be seen.Enter Samsung unlock codes provided for Network lock. If it dosnt prompt you, go to the phone dialer and type UNFREEZE and press enter, call or send.

Step 2: Select Country and Network Provider

Select the country and carrier which your Nokia 2.2 is locked to (e.g T-Mobile, USA). As I said before, our tool can handle almost any country and carrier but if you cant find your network there or dont know which to select, just contact us and well be happy to help you.

Step 3: Generate Unlock Code

Based on your submitted IMEI, country and carrier information, our tool will generate a unique Nokia 2.2 unlock code within the next minutes. More on that, you will get the step by step instructions on how to unlock Nokia 2.2 with generated NCK code.

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Clicking on the button below will redirect you to the cell unlocker page. There youll find all the instructions you need for an successful unlocking process. But most importantly, there will be waiting for you an how to unlock Nokia 2.2 step-by-step video tutorial.

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