Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download

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This page only allows you to calculate the online unlock code for the Nokia DCT2, DCT2 et DCT4. Alternatively, you can use this calculator (Crux Unlocker 5.0) offline that contains the latest updates for the Nokia DCT2, DCT2 et DCT4. DOWNLOAD Nokia DCT4 + and BB5 are only unlockable by cable with special software. Download Nokia BB5 Usb Utility 2.8 to Unlock Nokia BB5 Mobile Phone Free. In this new release it has been added method for send unlock code into new Nokia phones and also added Nokia Firmware Downloader. These two are the highlights of latest version of Nokia BB5 USB Utility.

  1. Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download Free
  2. Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download Pc

Its possible now to unlock Nokia SL3 phones. For the moment its possible in all Nokia SL3 based phones, except those that have 20 digit NCK code.
The unique way to know if its possible is trying to unlock it but dont worry if you try to submit requests for those phones you will NOT GET A REFUND!!!
Our Time frame needed to unlock single phone is usually between 4 – 24 hours

User interface is easy and convenient to use and provide full control over your logs. At any time you can check the progress, temporarily cancel the log or resume it again.
We support log files of all available boxes in the market, except Dejan logs.
We are constantly upgrading servers and optimizing software to provide best service for you.

How to find HASH from Nokia SL3 phones :
Use your favorite Nokia Box or the free Nokia SL3 USB HASH readerto read HASH from your phone using cable, you will need to download nokia drivers to recognize cable

  • Open the file in any TXT editor
  • Select the FIRST 40 digits of the HASH KEY
  • For example SL3 file readed from phone looks like this:


  • We ONLY REQUIRE the FIRST 40 characters this means :
  • Enter the IMEI of your phone and put that 40 characters in the HASH field.
  • Your phone will be unlocked guaranteed following the time of this tool.

Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download Free

Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download

Supported Models:-Infineon X-Gold 102/110. Decrypt Hashes:
1280 (RM-647)
1616, 1618 (RH-125)
1616-2B (RH-126)
1616-2C (RH-129)
1800, 1800-2 (RM-653)
1800-2B (RM-669)
-BB5 SL1/SL2 unlock by NCK and RPL.
-BB5 SL1/SL2 Relock.
-BB5 SL3 Decrypt PM120:
*RAP3Gv3(All Hashes). via Fbus (UFS)
2690 (RM-635)
2700 Classic (RM-561)
2730 Classic (RM-578)
2730c-1b (RM-579
3720 Classic (RM-518)
5130c (RM-495) Tested
RAP3Gv4 (All Hashes). via USB
3710f (RM-509)
3710a-1 (RM-510)
3711a (RM-511)
5330 (RM-479/478)
6303ci (RM-638)
7230 (RM-598/604)
C2-01 (RM-721)
C2-01.5 (RM-722)
X3-00 (RM-540)
X5-01 (RM-627)
*RAPIDO & NEW RAPIDO (All Hashes). via USB & Fbus(UFS)
5250 (RM-684)
5800d-1 (RM-356)
6120C (RM-243)
6760s (RM-573)
6790s (RM-492)
E63 (RM-437) HASH: 47xx, C7x
E66 (RM-343) HASH: 47x
E71-1 (RM-346) HASH: 47xx, C7x
N86-1 (RM-484)
N86-3 (RM-485)
N86-5 (RM-486)
N97-1 (RM-505)
N97-2 (RM-506)
N97-3 (RM-507)
N97-4 Mini (RM-555)
N97-5 (RM-553)
X6 (RM-551)
X6 (RM-552)
X6-00 (RM-559)
*RAPIDO 2G (All Hashes). via USB
5530 (RM-504)
*RUPUYAMA v11 (All Hashes). via USB
5630 (RM-431)
6350-1d (RM-455)
6700 Classic (RM-470)
6700s-1c (RM-577)
6710 Navigator (RM-491)
6720 Classic (RM-424)
6730 Classic (RM-547)
6730 Classic (RM-566)
6750-1b (RM-381)
C3-01 (RM-640)
C5-00 (RM-645, RM-688)
C5-03 (RM-697)
C6-01 (RM-601/718)
C7-00 (RM-675)
E5-00 (RM-632)
E5-00.2 (RM-634)
E52 (RM-469)
E55 (RM-482)
E7-00 (RM-626)
E72 (RM-529/530) HASH: 25XX
E73 (RM-658)
N8-00 (RM-596) Tested
X3-01 (RM-687)
X3-02 (RM-639)
X5-01 (RM-627)
X7-00 (RM-707)
X7-00.1 (RM-659)
*RAPIDOYAWE (All Hashes). via USB
5230, 5235, 5238 (RM-588)
5230-1c (RM-593)
5230-1b (RM-594)
5230-1d (RM-629)
5233 (RM-625)
5730 (RM-465)
C6-00 (RM-612)
C6-00.1 (RM-624)
*Broadcomm (All Hashes). via USB
2710c, 2710b-2, 2710n (RM-586)
7020a, 7020a-2 (RM-497)
C3-00 (RM-614)
X2-00 (RM-618)
X2-01, X2-03 (RM-709)
X2-01.1 (RM-717)

Nokia Bb5 Unlock Code Usb Sender Free Download Pc

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