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The video above is made by a real client showing how easy it is to unlock a Rogers iPhone using our service.

Rogers Wireless has a great selection of GSM phones to choose from and are available to you at almost no cost when purchased with a Rogers phone service plan.
Unfortunately the phones are locked and can only be used with their service unless, you guessed it, they are sim unlocked.

The second step is to choose your country and network provided which iPhone 6 is locked to (e.g. United States / T-Mobile). Then unlocky will connect to Apple’s servers and will generate an unlock code based on submitted IMEI. After, the unlock code for iPhone 6 and instructions on how to unlock your iPhone will be ready to download. Jan 31, 2012  Unlock BB 9900 (Rogers) Go here and get your MEP code: Then go here to generate your unlock code once you have your MEP code. It was so bloody quick that I wish I found a posted like the one I am leaving behind. I was amazed by this site, 1st i was a lil sketchy but i used trialpay to get the free codes which trialpay was gr8 as well, so i did the offer and waited the time for freeunlocks to find the code, so the email came and the code worked first try didnt have to reboot or ne thing my samsung captivate fone said enter sim unlock network code so.

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Why would you Unlock your Roger’s phone ?

Unlocking a Rogers phone can be done for a various number of reasons , including :

  • Traveling: Unlocking a Rogers phone so you can use it with a foreign sim card while traveling and avoid elated roaming fees
  • Change your Service provider: Maybe your contract has terminated and you would like to switch to a different carrier such as Koodo/Telus, Virgin, Fido, or any other Canadian or International carrier.
    By unlocking your Rogers phone you won’t have to buy a new unlocked phone or worse another LOCKED phone that belongs to one of these carriers. You can use your unlocked Rogets phone with any GSM carrier of your choice !
  • Increase Resale value: An unlocked Rogers phone will resell at a much higher value than a locked one

How do you Unlock a Rogers Phone?

Our Rogers unlock code service allows you to unlock your phone by dialling in a Rogers Network PIN, Rorgers Network Code , Rogers Subsidy Code depending on the make of your Rogers phone.
These unlock codes are a unique sequence of numbers composed of 8 or 16 digits that are specific to your Rogers phone’s Serial Number known as IMEI.

By dialing in the Rogers unlock code and following the steps you will be able to use a different GSM network other than Rogers. You will still be able to use your original Rogers SIM card and the service attached to it.

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Which Rogers phone models can be Unlocked by Code ?

Virtually all GSM based models from Rogers are supported for unlocking. This includes:

  • Rogers iPhone Unlocking : Including Unlocking Rogers iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 !
    All IOS are supported , including IOS6 , and what’s unique about our Rogers iPhone unlock service is that there is no Jailbreaking involved and it’s a permanent process!
    Infact we unlock your Rogers iPhone by registering it with Apple’s servers as an unlocked Rogers iPhone and all you need to do is connect it to iTunes to complete the process !
    Once your Rogers iPhone is unlocked, it is permanent! Feel free to upgrade/downgrade your unlocked iPhone, it will stay unlocked forever!
    Checkout this video of a real client unlocking their Rogers iPhone 4:
  • Rogers Samsung Unlock Codes: Does your Rogers Samsung say Enter Network PIN, Invalid SIM? We give you the Rogers Samsung unlock codes you need to make it all go away. Galaxy S4, S2, Rogers Samsung Note II , Samsung Galaxy III , Samsung Galaxy II LTE and all other Rogers Samsung models are supported by our Rogers Samsung unlock code service.
    Unlocking a Rogers Galaxy Note 3 ? Done son:
Rogers Unlock Code Generator Free
  • Rogers Nokia Restriction Codes: Nokia phone restricted ? Roger Nokia Lumia 920 and all the latest Nokia models from Rogers are supported by our Rogers Nokia unlock code service (aka undo restriction code). A video of one of clients unlocking their Lumia 520 is shown below:
  • Rogers HTC Unlock Code:HTC One X, HTC Desire and all other Rogers HTC phones are supported by our Rogers HTC unlock service (aka: Enter Network PIN ).
  • Rogers Blackberry MEP Unlock Code:Virtually all Blackberry phones locked to Rogers are supported by our Blackberry unlock code service. It’s an instant service to, meaning you get your Rogers Blackberry unlock code within minutes!.Our Rogers Blackberry unlock code service also supports Blackberry 10 devices (Z10, Q10):
  • Unlock Rogers LG phones: All the latest LG phones from Rogers are supported for unlocking , this includes the LG Optimus G/L3 , Neon and all others , they’re all supported by our Rogers LG unlock code service.
  • Unlock a Rogers Motorola: Razr HD LTE , Droid , Defy and all other Motorola phones locked to Rorgers can be unlocked with our Rogers Motorola Unlock Code service (Motorola unlock codes from Rogers are sometimes refereed to as: Subsidy Codes or a Rogers Subsidy Code)

.and all other Rogers phone models ! If you are unsure if your model is supported for unlocking by code, please feel free to contact us : We’re here to help !

Is the unlock code guaranteed to work?

Phone Unlock Code Generator Free

Yes! Our Rogers Unlock code service is guaranteed to unlock your phone with a full money back guarantee should it not work for any reason. Our support team is also available to assist you via Phone, Email and Chat should you have any questions.

Free Sim Unlock Code Generator

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