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For Samsung Galaxy S3 to S7, you have to root the phone first due to the new technology restrictions, which will dramatically increase the success rate. Once the phone was recognized by the program, click 'Unlock' button to start the unlocking process. The Samsung Galaxy phone will be unlocked. Dec 27, 2015  – T-Mobile Galaxy S6 owners can request for an Unlock code by calling on 1-800-746-0949. – Sprint users can unlock their Galaxy S6 unlock code by using Sprint’s online chat or by calling 1-888-211-4727. Step 2: The provider will need your IMEI number. When asked, provide them the IMEI number of your phone. May 22, 2018 You can Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge using our online Code Generator online tool for free services and paid IMEI method. I have absolutely no doubt that you are well familiar with the brand of Samsung because it has been a long time since this name became a household name. Samsung is known for its various devices that make their customers happy day in and day out, but it is mainly known.

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One of the biggest problems faced by Samsung phone users is finding their SIM locked to a specific network. This is something that is beneficial for individual networks as it permits them to provide subsidized commercial services to their customers. On the other hand, it tends to be a bad news for the users, as they cannot get any assurance whether a new SIM card will work on their phone or not. Online examination system source code in java free download. In most of the cases, the phone is locked if you bought it from wireless network provider, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint.

To unlock a Samsung Galaxy phone, you have to provide the correct unlock code once you inserted new SIM card. In this article, I will introduce 3 different ways to get the phone unlocked.

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Part 1: How to Unlock Samsung Phone SIM Card for Free

To get the maximum benefit from its paying customer, each network operator tries its best to utilize the most sophisticated encryption technology to protect the phone being used with other service providers. To unlock a phone from a specific carrier, the most secure way is to submit a support ticket asking for a unlock pin. If you are qualified to such a request, then they will send the code to you within 4 business days. If you got the code from them, it is a legit code for 100% sure. Here are the unlokcing policy for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, please check it accordingly.

The fact is that it will be very hard to receive unlocking code from the carrier because they have very strict policy towards such behavior. So if the carrier refused to offer the code, then keep reading and follow the suggestions in below.

Part 2: How to SIM Unlock Samsung Phone from Online Website

When you enter the keyword in search engines, you will find a lot of online websites offering SIM unlocking services. Unlike the method mentioned above, which knows how to generate the right code for each phone, those services are using computer programs to guess out the right code.

The whole process is like this: you have to select the phone mode and wireless carrier first. Then input IMEI number of the phone. The website will lead you to a new page, which tells you the phone can be unlocked or not. If the answer is Yes, you have to pay around 30 USD to get the unlock code. You can’ tell the code is correct or not. So I did a test with 3 websites and all of the codes failed to work on my Galaxy S6. You should be very careful if you chose to purchase such a service.

Part 3: How to SIM Unlock Samsung Phone with Unlocking Software

The third way is using SIM unlocking software. This is much secure and the whole process is under your control. One of the most effective software is called Android SIM Unlock, which comes with some attractive features like simple unlocking process with permanent results. It supports more than 400 Samsung devices and possibility operates in more than 60 countries. In addition, there is no damage to the data stored on your phone. With this desktop software, you can simply unlock your Samsung phone just within 10 minutes. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to unlock Samsung phone sim card with this software.

Step 1 Download and Install Android SIM Unlock

Initially, you will have to download the desktop software to a Windows computer. The Mac version is still under development. Then, install the program on the computer and open it. Click 'More Tools' on left sidebar and select 'Android SIM Unlock'.

Step 2 Connect Samsung Galaxy Phone to Computer

Once the installation is completed, you will have to connect Samsung phone to the computer through USB. In here, you should make sure USB Debugging is enabled. It is better to check the battery is more than 20% before clicking the 'Unlock' button to allow the software analyzing the phone.

Step 3 Follow On-screen Instructions to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone

For Samsung Galaxy S3 to S7, you have to root the phone first due to the new technology restrictions, which will dramatically increase the success rate. Once the phone was recognized by the program, click 'Unlock' button to start the unlocking process. The Samsung Galaxy phone will be unlocked in a few minutes.


For other Samsung devices, there is no need to root the phone. Once the phone being detected, click 'Next' button. Then there are detailed instructions on the screen telling you how to do next.

Now, open the dial app on the phone and type *#0808# or ##3424# or #9090#. One of them should work for the phone. The phone will be prompted to new screen after inputting the code. The option is different for different modes. Please choose DM + MODEM + ADB or UART[*] or CDMA MODEM on the phone. Finally, click on 'Unlock' button to begin the unlocking service.

This desktop software works by analyzing the locking methodology on the SIM Card and will select the suitable method to unlock Android phone or tablet after analyzing the device. Just wait for some time for the software to complete the unlocking process successfully. If you wish to check whether the unlocking has been successfully completed, you can do this by inserting a SIM from a different carrier to find whether the phone accepts the new SIM.

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How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone device for free solution available on this page. Here you are able to make your Samsung Galaxy S6 cell phone unlocked permanent only whit your computer device and our unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 code generator that is available for free downloading bellow on this page. This unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 software can work on any windows, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS system that you can use on your device on which you want to download this tool at this time. You can also use it on any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone device in your possession whit good internet connection. So if you have this unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 problem stay on this page and find out all about this problem and his solution for free.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Free

Samsung Galaxy S6 Network Unlock Code Free

The network or the SIM lock that the carrier installs on your mobile phone device can now be easily removed if you only know your device’s IMEI number. The IMEI number is the code that distinguished your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone from the rest of the phones from the same brand and model. There are many service provider which promise to unblock the SIM restriction on your phone but very few of those can be really trusted. The Network Unlock service from this page so far has been one of the utmost favorite unlock service provider for all the Samsung Galaxy users. This unlocking service can help you remove the SIM lock on your Samsung Galaxy s6 from the comfort of your own home. All you have to have is a stable internet connection and device that can connect to the internet. The strength of the device’s processor is of no importance because this service remotely performs the network unlocking operation. This means that you don’t get to buy any application tools. You don’t have to travel across the country to get the unlocking part or anything of the sort. What you need to do is turn on your computer and visit our official site of the Network Unlock tool. Here you must download the unlock Samsung Galaxy s6 code generator in which you need to enter your Samsung Galaxy s6’s IMEI number and its original carrier. In other words you register your mobile phone device on the online support website of the service. Before you click the -unlock- button you will be asked to chek your’s information once again. After some time, which will not last for more than a few instances, you will receive an email from the Network Unlock team of professional. In the e-mail you will find a somewhat long string of numbers- that would be your unlock Samsung Galaxy s6 code, as well as a further set of instructions.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Procedure

To conclude the unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 process and to test the unlock at the same time you must find a SIM card from a different carrier than your previous one. Carefully insert the new SIM and turn on your mobile phone. If you are asked for an unlock code, don’t worry, that’s just how it is supposed to be. Here you enter the code from your email and press OK. From that moment onwards your Samsung Galaxy s6 mobile phone will be officially unlocked and permanently unrestricted. Your Samsung Galaxy s6 will be able to accept and work on any GSM SIM card from any carrier no matter what country you are in at the moment. You can change carriers every month if you want to, you can use any domestic or foreign SIM cards you wish, you can even increase the sell price of your Samsung Galaxy s6 if you decide to unlock it. An unlock mobile phone device has many advantages. You don’t want to miss out on all of them just because you were too lazy to click a few times from your computer.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Step By Step

  1. First you must download the unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 code generator tool on your device by click on the download button bellow:
  2. Open the unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 software on your device and fill in all information about your locked mobile phone device,
  3. You must put in your imei number, carrier on which is locked your Samsung Galaxy, country and your valid email address on which out team will send you your Samsung Galaxy S6 code,
  4. After filling all information you need to click on the unlock button,
  5. Chek your email address after five to ten minutes and wrote the unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 code that you get it,
  6. Turn off your locked device and put sim card from some other carrier on which you want to use your cell device in the future,
  7. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and after putting the unlock code click unlock,
  8. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 device is now unlocked!!!

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Supported Models

  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge CDMA
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 CDMA
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos
  • Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6

Unlock Code Samsung Galaxy S6 Free Up Space

The unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 service from Network Unlock is free and fast, it will not take up too much of your time and you will never regret it. This unlocking Samsung Galaxy S6 service has unlocked over a few hundred thousand mobile phone devices over the years, and so far every user has only words of praise for it. the codes this tool provides are issued by the manufacturer of your Samsung Galaxy s6 i.e. from your carrier directly, which is what makes this unlock official, permanent, fast, free and not harmful for your Sasmsung Galaxy device. Our team of super-unlocking specialist is at your service around the clock and will be there to assist you with anything about the SIM lock removal. This is the best value for your money. Don’t miss this opportunity and remove the restrictions on your Samsung Galaxy s6 today!