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Huawei Unlock Code Calculator Free

  • Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online is an online service that generates codes for unlocking Samsung phones. FreeUnlocks offers free unlock codes through TrialPay. UnlockSamsungOnline has highly detailed instructions explaining how to unlock your Samsung phone using a program called SRS.
  • Unlocking Sony-Ericsson W580i by code is the easiest and fastest way to make your device network free. It doesn't interfere in your system or change it in any way so even after using our code, you don't loose your warranty. In order to receive a network unlock code for your Sony-Ericsson W580i you need to provide IMEI number (15 digits unique number).

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Huawei Unlock Code Calculator Free is an online tool where you can generate your Huawei Device Unlock Codes, simply enter your IMEI below to get your Free Unlock Code

Warning: If your Huawei USB Modem or Wi-Fi Router is New, then This Free Unlock Codes won’t Work, So Please Contact us for Huawei V3, V4 Unlock Codes, it’s a Paid Service

W580i Unlock Code Generator Free Code

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All of these methods supported in this page.

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W580i Unlock Code Generator Free Download

Simply Enter Your IMEI in the above Box and Click on Calculate.


Flash Code is Also Known as Firmware code, Which is used as password while we trying to change the Firmware of any Huawei Device

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W580i Unlock Code Generator Free Online

Unlocking Sony-Ericsson W580i

For unlock Sony-Ericsson W580i following options are available. If you don't know which option use for unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

UNLOCK Sony-Ericsson W580i

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Unlocking instruction for Sony-Ericsson W580i ?

How to enter a network unlock code in a Sony-ericsson W580i:
1. Turn on the phone with an unaccepted simcard inserted (simcard from a different network)
2. Phone should ask for network unlock code
3. Type NCK code in order to unlock the main network like T-Mobile, Orange etc.
Type SPCK code if the phone is locked in a subnetwork like Tesco.
Second way to enter code in Sony-Ericsson W580i
1. Insert an unaccepted simcard and start Sony ericsson W580i
2. Press the following buttons left, * (STAR), *(STAR), left. (use the directional button at the center of your W580i, make sure you press the buttons quickly or the hidden menu won't appear)
3. Hidden unlock menu should appear.
4. Enter the unlock received from sim-unlock.net
5. Sony ericsson W580i is now prepared to work in any network.
How to check Sony-Ericsson W580i code counter:
1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Lock screen
3. Press sequence: Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, Back
4. Select Service info
5. Select SimLock
6. Check where is X
7. If X is on NETWORK, SUBSET or PROVIDER and value is different than zero, you can unlock your phone.
8. If it is zero unlock by code is NOT available. The counter is blocked.
If the code counter shows all 0 it cannot be unlocked, because there are no tries left to unlock it.
Second way to check counter in Sony-Ericsson W580i
1. Turn on the phone whithout sim card
2. Type *#*#7378423#*#*
3. Select Service info
4. Select SimLock
5. Check where is X
6. If X is on NETWORK, SUBSET or PROVIDER and value is more than 0, you can unlock your phone.
7. If it is 0 unlock by code is NOT possible. The counter is blocked.